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Name:King Mufasa

( So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you.

And so will I. )
Series: The Lion King
Version: I am taking him from the first movie - prior to his death.
Age: Adult.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual. His mate is Sarabi.
Appearance: Mufasa is, succinctly put, a beautiful lion. He is powerfully built and fully capable of hunting/taking down his own food if he needs to. His fur is golden and his mane has an almost auburn tint to it. As for his eyes, they are golden as well, but there is something piercing about them. As Mufasa's moods fluctuate, his eyes can become more intense and, like all other lions, his irises will glow in the dark.

Personality: The best words I can think of to describe Mufasa's personality are: kingly and fatherly. In fact, those two adjectives tie hand in hand most of the time for him. He treats those who follow him respectfully, though he is not above dolling out punishment when it is needed (case in point - the hyenas). Yet he is never cruel in his punishments. Because he is a great lover of peace and harmony, Mufasa treads the line between being too soft and too hard and, occasionally, the strain of being forced to be crueler than he would like shows (case in point - his talk with Simba after he endangers himself and Nala in the Elephant Graveyard).

But he is not always fully in control of his emotions. When Simba is involved, Mufasa usually finds himself panicking and behaving in an almost irrational manner. Simply put, Mufasa would do anything for his son and that's not entirely because Simba is the next King of Pride Rock. No, Mufasa loves his little boy. The bond he shares with Simba is probably like the one Mufasa shared/shares with his father. Even death cannot stand in the way of it. (Thus the song "He Lives in You", which is actually heard in the second movie.)

Therefore, while Mufasa is a wise and brave king, he is also a father who is sometimes ruled by his fear for his one and only son. But one can't fault him for wanting to look after Simba. It's unlikely Simba would have made it to adulthood without Mufasa interfering, after all.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Mufasa can defend himself very well, but he prefers to leave the hunting to his lionesses. I suppose his claws and teeth could be considered "weapons", though his true "weapon" is his wisdom and ability to rule. And, as far as his personality strengths go, he is wise, kind-hearted, logical and empathic - all of which are essential to ruling effectively.

Weaknesses: Mufasa is a lion. No matter how strong or swift he might be, there are things that he simply cannot do. (Like defying gravity or controlling a pack of startled wildebeests.) Mentally, however, his weaknesses are far more original. Sometimes, as I stated before, Mufasa's heart rules his head. He is a passionate lion, who endeavors to keep his family safe; so when one of them is in trouble, he will drop everything and run to their aid.

History: Mufasa's own childhood is unknown. When the movie opens, he and Sarabi have had their first cub, Simba. As the opening scene progresses, Simba is handed over to Rafiki (an old friend of the lion family). Once the monkey prepares him for his first glimpse of the world from Pride Rock, Simba is lifted up and presented to the animals that will be his subjects one day. Meanwhile, Mufasa and Sarabi gaze on proudly, obviously moved by their son's sweet innocence.

After the ceremony comes to an end, Mufasa and one of his advisors (Zazu) visit Mufasa's brother, Scar. Mufasa isn't pleased that Scar didn't attend the ceremony and he tells him as much. Scar avoids the subject until Mufasa loses his temper. Then, the darker lion tries a new tactic: playing pitiful. Mufasa finally lets Scar go, wondering aloud about what he should do with him. Zazu mentions a solution in jest, causing Mufasa's mood to lighten.

Time passes and Simba grows. Mufasa eventually shows him the layout of the land - including where the Outlands start. However, Simba is a mischievous little boy and he ends up cornered by the Outland hyenas with his best friend, Nala. Luckily, Mufasa is able to come in time. Afterwards, he does let Simba have it, wanting him to know how reckless he was being and how much the cub had scared him. In the end, however, Mufasa softens and plays with his son.

The next day, when the sun is blazing brightly in the sky, Mufasa is in the midst of his rounds when Scar runs up to him, telling him that Simba is trapped in the gorge in the midst of a stampede. Terrified, he runs to his son's aid - even going so far as to jump in the middle of the stampede. Needless to say, Mufasa is knocked around harshly, sustaining numerous injuries before he gets to his cub. Somehow, however, he is able to leap out of the canyon and put Simba on a safe ledge.

Yet, when Simba is safe, a wildebeest runs by and accidentally impales Mufasa in the side. He is thrown back into the fray of the stampede. Desperate to escape, he leaps towards one of the canyon walls and hangs on with his claws. Through pure will-power and strength alone, he scales the wall and reaches the top. It's there that Scar is waiting for him. Even though he asks his brother for help, Scar makes no move to help him up. Instead, Scar buries his claws into Mufasa's paws and whispers four horrible words into his ear.

"Long live the King."

Scar then flings him back into the stampede - and, ultimately, to his death. It's at this point I want Mufasa to enter the game.

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